Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Alex Pardee

Tuesday, 8 March 2011
Whenever anyone asks me who my favourite artist is, I struggle to think of an answer because I feel like there is so much amazing work out there. But if I had to decide who created the work I came back to look at time and time again, the answer would be Alex Pardee.
His work is inspired by pop-art, graffiti, and 1980's horror films, he also happened to have illustrated some covers for one of my favourite bands, In Flames.
Whenever I visit his blog or look over his work I feel inspired and wonder how he ever came up with some of the things he draws or paints. He really is amazingly versatile though, and I think that's part of many reasons I like him so much, whenever I visit his blog I see what an interesting life he has had from creating such work. He does so many things, he recently hosted various 'Movie Knights' where he showed some of his favourite films and made illustrations to them. I like the way that he does so many different things, it makes me feel more like I don't have to settle on just one thing, and the way he shares small parts of his life in his blog, I guess it helps me to understand his work and thought process a tiny bit more than I otherwise would. Also, he seems to be a pretty kick-ass person in general, the way he comes across to me is confident I guess, and I think that's a quality we're all trying to gain.

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