Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Wednesday, 27 April 2011
The day after our exhibition.. I'm feeling quite pleased with how things went. Throughout the night more people turned up to have a look at our work, and I'm so proud of how everyone did.
Here are some pictures from the night of the pieces that were shown;Yvonne Williams

Freya Addey

Tom Beech

I felt that everyone's pieces were shown to a great standard, but was shocked to find today that part of Freya's work was taken (We later found out it was the cleaner). We had a good turn out last night and I was proud to be involved really.

Things to consider for next time;
1. Find a better quality printer. Since I am considering carrying on with digital work, I need to find a better place to print my work to a high standard.
2. Perhaps consider showing in a conventional gallery rather than an unconventional space like the Students Union. I went to see the Relationship show at the Liverpool Academy of Arts and it looked fantastic, made me want to show in a 'regular' gallery space. (They all produced amazing quality work, it looked great!)
3. Consider trying different sized prints way before exhibition deadline, and even frames for my work. I put this one down to bad time management on my part, so basically, I need to manage my time better, definitely need to for the third year.

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