Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Growing Pains

Wednesday, 2 February 2011
In thinking about getting my work out into the world I started looking at how some of the artists I admire do this, a lot of artists I follow via websites and blogs, such as Alex Pardee. Well, I've already got a blog so I figured I'd try to make a website to showcase my work. It's not up yet but everyday I'm attempting to create a layout I'm happy with (which is not easy considering how picky I am).
In doing this I've also started considering what kind of content I want to be on the website and how it will benefit me by being on the world wide web. Upon thinking about this I realised I haven't really got much to put on there in terms of work I'm actually proud of, most of my work lately seems to be what I would consider unfinished, sketches, rough ideas of things that never happened, could this be the work I show? No. I want this website to showcase the best of the work I've done, so if that means only showing three pieces for now and building up the content later I guess I'm happy to do that. The thing about me and digital art is that somehow it feels like it has to be perfect. When creating work with paint or pencil it's understandable that certain mistakes could happen but you consider them to be part of it's beauty. Digital art for me means I can go back and edit the piece whenever I want to, it means I can save previous versions and if it doesn't work it doesn't matter, I've always got a previous stage to work from.
Ways I've considered promoting my website have been in short supply, I've considered leaflets, business cards, trying to get my work into some kind of online gallery to build a community and draw an audience from there. There is a big flaw in making a website to try and get my work out there in that in the end it might be seen by no one but myself. The internet is a very large space, lots of people from around the world competing for traffic and clicks of a mouse. The fear is that no one will be interested in looking, I'll be just another website that never gets seen or heard of, but I think I'll just go for it and see what happens.
For the website I'm making
It's coming along slowly
Hopefully it'll be up next week

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